Multi Room System

Multi Room System

Dear friends,

We present you a new version of our GOLDSVET / mrs system. In this release, you will find new features for managing games, a significant increase in performance and reducing the load on the server, and the update of the Laravel Framework to version 6.11.0

For groups of Admin and Dealer, the ability to open shifts when creating a game room has been added.

Changed the section for adding and editing game rooms. Added a new TND currency. Added a denomination from 0.01 to 100, which is used both in games and in the lobby interface. When creating a game room, you can choose to sort games in the lobby: alphabetically, randomly, by high RTP, by the number of games played, and by date. In creating and editing game rooms, the percentage parameter for all games has been added, which has values from 80 to 98 percent. When creating a hall, you can specify several categories of games.

In the categories section, the parameter displaying the number of games in each group added.

A module has been developed for returning a certain percentage to the player, depending on the Deposit. The module has an unlimited number of levels with minimum and maximum deposits and percentages with values of 1, 5, 10

For all types of jackpots, an auto balance was added to top up the minimum amount after the jackpot balance was reset.

The PIN codes module allows you to make prepaid cards that can be sold or given as a bonus in your institution.

In the section with games, blocks were added to display General data on games, including the average RTP value of all games. A selection of several game categories has been added to the filter. Changed the principle of setting up games. You can choose the desired value in the game for each line. Added a graph of the amount of bets for one day. Improved the module for mass editing of all games by specified parameters..

Added a real-time statistics module. This module requires NodeJS and Redis. The reports added the calculation of the profit from each bet and the current denomination, as well as the values of the amounts that are added to the game Bank and the jackpot Bank.

Monitoring changes to system parameters by all users who have access to the control panel has been added to the logging section.

The section with access rights to control panel sections has been completely redesigned.

Updated the parameter generator module for the API, as well as fixed an error when adding an empty IP address. Updated documentation for the Json API.

A module has been developed for mini messages that can be displayed in any section of your control panel. In these messages, you can write some instructions or reminders for your staff.

Updated the logic of all games to work correctly with the game Bank. All games, when working with the Bank and the player's balance, use DB:: beginTransaction(); Game reels of all games have a new format and are placed in a separate file GameReel.php Completely updated the logic of RTP in games. Added the increaseRTP parameter that allows you to randomly give a player a win many times higher than his bet, but in the aisles of the game Bank. Added monitoring of the game session, which prohibits playing in two browsers or tabs at the same time.

Multi Room System

Multi Room System

GOLDSVET - Multi Room System is an online platform that offers a complete set of over 650 top quality games and powerful management tools. Our solution allows business owners to create network of computers installed in cafe or internet shop where customers buy Internet access, then get credits to play games and a chance to win cash prizes. Software is easy to install and it takes 60 minutes to setup the entire cafe and offer players play.

Multi Room & Currency

Create and manage many independent game rooms with different game currency: EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, ZAR...

CashBack & Jack Pot's

Percentage of money back to the player. Unlimited and multi-level Jack Pot's

Player & Agents

Track any player’s activity in a great level of detail. Issue personal bonuses, manually adjust balances, disable suspicious accounts and get insights about your players’ gaming preferences.

Slot Game Development

Hundreds of great casino games from all around the world come together with our casino solution packages. Or separately: it is easy and simple to add this massive portfolio to any gaming website through just one API integration.

CMS System

The content management system is built into the platform. Manage content on website pages, modify metatags, upload graphics, and manage localized website versions.

Game Management

Add new games in a few clicks, highlight specific games on your website, create custom game categories, view reports on your most popular or profitable games.


Your casino website can have multiple localizations. We provide all necessary technical tools to make the process of localization fast and simple.

Reporting Engine

Get a 360° view of your casino’s performance. See detailed statistics for all cash flows, revenues, costs, bets and much more. All reporting on our platform is real-time.

Roles & Permissions

Unlimited number of user roles and permissions so you can have full control of what your users are available to do on your website.

Json API

Manage customers, replenish balances from your betting system. Connect the games to your already ready site or setup different Webhooks to be notified whenever specific action occur.