EGT Interactive

The EGT Interactive includes video slots, roulettes, video pokers, keno and new variety of games are constantly being developed. To meet the operators’ acquisition and retention strategies our server based games can be offered to players both on their desktop or mobile device. All of them are executed in HTML5. All games support the exciting Jackpot Cards feature, both on computer and handheld devices.

Our games are based on an attractive Return-to-Player (RTP) strategy, which has proven to increase the player lifetime value.



HTTP Status Codes

200 - OK Everything worked as expected.
201 - Created Resource is created successfully
400 - Bad Request The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.
401 - Unauthorized No valid API key provided.
403 - Forbidden Accessing the resource is forbidden for this user.
404 - Not Found The requested resource doesn't exist.
422 - Unprocessable Entity Required fields are missing or cannot be processed.
500, 502, 503, 504 - Server Errors Something went wrong on GOLDSVET's end.

1. Auth

POST /api/login?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

2. Profile

GET /api/me?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

3. Stats

GET /api/stats/pay?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/game?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/bank?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/room?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/shift?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

4. Currency

GET /api/rooms/currency?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

5. Shifts Start Date

GET /api/shifts/info?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

6. Balance Rooms Add / Out

PUT /api/rooms/balance/add?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/rooms/balance/out?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

7. Balance Add Users/ Out

PUT /api/users/{id}/balance/add?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/users/{id}/balance/out?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

8. Shifts Start

PUT /api/shifts/start?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

9. JPS

GET /api/jackpots?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

10. Games

GET /api/games?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

11. Category

GET /api/category?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

12. Add User

POST /api/users?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

13. Profile Update

PATCH /api/me/details/auth?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

14. User Collection

GET /api/users?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

15. User One

GET /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

16. User One Update

PUT /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

17. User One Delete

DELETE /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

18. Room Block / Unblock

PUT /api/rooms/block?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/rooms/unblock?key=XXXXX&room_id=X