HTTP Status Codes

200 - OK Everything worked as expected.
201 - Created Resource is created successfully
400 - Bad Request The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.
401 - Unauthorized No valid API key provided.
403 - Forbidden Accessing the resource is forbidden for this user.
404 - Not Found The requested resource doesn't exist.
422 - Unprocessable Entity Required fields are missing or cannot be processed.
500, 502, 503, 504 - Server Errors Something went wrong on GOLDSVET's end.

1. Auth

POST /api/login?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

2. Profile

GET /api/me?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

3. Stats

GET /api/stats/pay?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/game?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/bank?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/room?key=XXXXX&room_id=X 
GET /api/stats/shift?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

4. Currency

GET /api/rooms/currency?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

5. Shifts Start Date

GET /api/shifts/info?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

6. Balance Rooms Add / Out

PUT /api/rooms/balance/add?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/rooms/balance/out?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

7. Balance Add Users/ Out

PUT /api/users/{id}/balance/add?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/users/{id}/balance/out?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

8. Shifts Start

PUT /api/shifts/start?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

9. JPS

GET /api/jackpots?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

10. Games

GET /api/games?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

11. Category

GET /api/category?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

12. Add User

POST /api/users?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

13. Profile Update

PATCH /api/me/details/auth?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

14. User Collection

GET /api/users?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

15. User One

GET /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

16. User One Update

PUT /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

17. User One Delete

DELETE /api/users/{id}?key=XXXXX&room_id=X

18. Room Block / Unblock

PUT /api/rooms/block?key=XXXXX&room_id=X
PUT /api/rooms/unblock?key=XXXXX&room_id=X