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    Operator can select games, available to players. If more then one game is switched on in the settings menu, than player can chose. There...
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    GOLDSVET posted the thread IGROSOFT in General Discussion.
    The company became operational in Moscow in 1999. Back then, Igrosoft started as a software provider for land-based gambling operators...
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    GOLDSVET replied to the thread здраствуйте.
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    Sergei2525 replied to the thread здраствуйте.
    Админка есть?хочеться на одминку посмотреть потестить как все функционирует чтоб когда приобрёл не тупил че делать
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    GOLDSVET replied to the thread здраствуйте.
    Привет. Ссылка на ДЕМО, есть на главной странице.
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    здраствуйте можно потестировать сайт перед покупкой чтоб было понятно че к чему
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    GOLDSVET posted the thread AMATIC in General Discussion.
    The best AMATIC games now available online AMATIC Industries brings its long-lasting experience in creating games from land-based to...
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    GOLDSVET posted the thread NOVOMATIC in General Discussion.
    The Novomatic AG Group, with a turnover of more than € 3.8 billion, is one of the largest companies in the international gaming...
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    GOLDSVET posted the thread GREENTUBE in General Discussion.
    Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions is a leading developer and supplier of gaming solutions for computers and mobile devices...
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    GOLDSVET posted the thread PLAYTECH in General Discussion.
    Playtech Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of online gaming software in the world. The success of this platform lies in the...
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